Summer/Winter Camp for High School Students

RoboMaster Summer/Winter Camp for High School Students, is hosted by DJI in an attempt to promote robotics education to younger students so that more students can benefit from advanced talent concepts and intelligent technology from an early age. The Summer/Winter Camp for High School Students focuses on robots and offers practical learning in relevant fields so that high school students can practice what they have learned in books and develop innovative thinking. In the Summer/Winter Camp, DJI also invites outstanding engineers, famous experts, and excellent students from around the world to share their industrial knowledge and expertise on cutting-edge technology. In addition, DJI cooperates with top domestic and overseas universities to provide beneficial recruitment assistance for outstanding students.
The RoboMaster summer camp is held in July or August, and winter camp is in January or February every year at DJI RoboMaster R&D Center. The online registration begins two months before the camps.

2017 Summer Camp

Students who attended the High School Summer Camp experienced the life of a robotics engineer. After learning the essential principles of robot design, students began a project of building their own machine for competition. The rules were simple: their robot must recognize and avoid obstacles in a field while finding and picking up target objects.

  • Summer camp opening ceremony

  • Research Demonstration from PhD Candidate of HKUST

  • Outdoor academic tutorial

  • Robot debugging

  • Control the robot to grab the obstacle

  • Robot Competition

2017 Winter Camp

  • Group Photo

  • Icebreaker Activities

  • High School Students Visiting Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

  • High School Students Assembling Robots

  • Tuning Robots Before the Competition

  • Hit Large Runes