RoboMaster 2020 entry specification documents


All RoboMaster 2020 Competition participants should abide by the rules and the relevant documents of the competition. Some main entry specification documents are required for the RoboMaster 2020 Competition, such as RoboMaster 2020 Competition Rules Manual, RoboMaster 2019 Competition Participants Manual, RoboMaster 2020 Competition Robot Building Specification Manual, and etc. All documents are subject to the latest version officially released by the RoboMaster Organizing Committee (hereinafter referred to as “the RMOC”).

The competition rules described in the entry specification documents should be literally interpreted. Participants are not allowed to speculate and distort the meaning of the words in the documents. The interpretation of the RM2020 competition rules should not be combined with information from previous rules manuals, nor should you refer to any previous competition rules descriptions, core game venue sizes and projectile specifications in the process of designing robots.

To facilitate the understanding of all participants, the RMOC will update FAQ to explain rules in this announcement.

There are two ways to present:

1.     Continue to use the latest version of the specification documents and replace the specific texts with modifications and updates

2.     Directly add new regulations and notes.

To ensure a fair and just competition, the timeliness of rules update, and the healthy running of the competition, the RMOC will update the entry specification documents. All participants are subject to the latest version of documents when interpreting rules. Entry specification documents will have higher version number once updated.


1.release《RoboMaster 2020 Robot Building Specification Manual V1.0》(191031)(for Robotics Competition and Technical Challenge)

2.release《RoboMaster 2020 Manual Supplementary Edition》 (191115)

3.release《RoboMaster 2020 Robot Building Specification Manual V1.1》(191231)(for Robotics Competition and Technical Challenge)

RoboMaster Robotics Competition

1.release《RoboMaster 2020 Robotics Competition Rules Framework》(190925)

2.release《RoboMaster 2020 Robotics Competition Participant Manual V1.0》(191031)

3.release《RoboMaster 2020 Robotics Competition Rules Manual V1.0》(191031)

4.release《RoboMaster 2020 Robotics Competition Participant Manual V1.1》 (191231)

5.release《RoboMaster 2020 Robotics Competition Rules Manual V1.1》 (191231)

RoboMaster Technical Challenge

1.release《RoboMaster 2020 Technical challenge Rules Framework》(191015)

2.release《RoboMaster 2020 Technical challenge Participant Manual V1.0》(191031)

3.release《RoboMaster 2020 Technical challenge Rules Manual V1.0》(191031)

4.release《RoboMaster 2020 Technical Challenge Participant Manual V1.1》 (200107)

5.release《RoboMaster 2020 Technical Challenge Rules Manual V1.1》(20200107)

RoboMaster AI Challenge

1.release《RoboMaster 2020 AI challenge rules updating》(190925)

2.release《RoboMaster 2020 AI Challenge Participant Manual V1.0》(191015)

3.release《RoboMaster 2020 AI Challenge Rules Manual V1.0》 (191015)

4.release《RoboMaster 2020 AI Challenge Participant Manual V1.1》(191125)

5.release《RoboMaster 2020 AI Challenge Rules Manual V1.1》(200106)

6.release《RoboMaster 2020 AI Challenge Vision Marker Library》(200106)