Notice on Technical Report of RMUA 2021


Participants: Teams that have applied for RMUA. Each team should submit one Technical Report via the Team Captain’s account to the RoboMaster Registration System.


Submission Time: From April 12, 2021, 12:00 pm to April 16, 2021, 12:00 pm (UTC+8)


Submission Opportunities: 1



1) Content Requirements: Please refer to "Appendix 1 Technical Assessment" in RoboMaster 2021 University AI Challenge Participant Manual V1.1 for detailed requirements. It is recommended to provide charts or flowcharts as needed  and sufficient data to highlight the main ideas in clear logic.

2) Submission Format:

Font: Microsoft YaHei (Chinese) or Times New Roman (English) in 12 pt

File size: No more than 10 pages of A4 paper with charts or flowcharts provided

File format: Files must be submitted in PDF format, including all pictures, text and video addresses and their passwords (if any).

Video: Video display is encouraged. Teams can upload encrypted videos to YouTube or other online platforms, and indicate the video links and corresponding passwords in the proposals.


3) File name: School Name + Team Name + AI Challenge Technical Report


Technical Proposal Rewards:

Entitled to enter the AI Challenge.