ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge Robot Rental Announcement


ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge
Robot Rental Announcement


I. Rental object

Teams that have passed the "ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge" (hereinafter referred to as the " AI Challenge") and have submitted and passed the technical proposal (grade C or above) are eligible to rent the AI robots. 


II. Rental processing time

From now until February 28, 2019.


III. Rental process

Serial number





Pass technical proposal

A technical proposal was submitted with a rating of C or above.

You can view it on the RoboMaster official website registration system.


Fill in the contract

Download and fill out the contract: "ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge Robot Rental Agreement. "



Review contract

Fill in the "ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge Robot Rental Agreement" and send it to

robomaster@dji.com, and wait for the Committee to review, confirm and reply to the contract.

1. Email subject format: school name + team name +rental contract.

2. After receiving the mail, it will be processed on the same day before 17:00 on the working day and the next day after 17:00; the mail for the holiday will be processed on the first working day after the holiday.


Sign the contract


Contestants sign and seal the contract, and then send four copies to the RoboMaster Organizing Committee.

1. The contract shall be printed in quadruplicate (both parties shall hold two copies after sealing).

2. Mailing information:

Recipient: RoboMaster Organizing Committee

Receiving number:18823311074

Mailing Address: Xili Zhen Chaguang Middle Road No.1089 Shenzhen IC Design & Application Industrial Park (29th Road) Room 202, Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

3. The contract seal approval process is long, and each team needs to wait patiently. Two contracts will be returned after the approval process is completed.


Pay the deposit


Pay the deposit according to the contract and send the picture of the remittance certificate to the email: robomaster@dji.com

1. The contract must be reviewed before remittance. Direct remittances will be considered invalid and will be refunded directly.

2. Email subject format: university name + team name + rental deposit certificate.

3. receiving bank account information:

①RMB settlement:

Account number: 755927925810902

Bank: China Merchants Bank Shenzhen Branch Science and Technology Park Branch

Account Name: Shenzhen Dajiang Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. Nanshan Branch

Bank Address: First Floor, Feiyada Technology Building, No. 2, Gaoxin South Yidao, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

②USD settlement :

Bank Name: HSBC Hong Kong Bank

Bank Address: Head Office 1 Queen's Road Central Hong Kong


Account Number: 848-660296-201 USD


4. If the receiving address is in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan or overseas, it can only be settled in US dollars; if the receiving address is in mainland China, it can only be settled in RMB.

5. RMB settlement supports savings and credit cards, and USD settlement does not support credit cards.

Attachment Download: RMB Credit Card Settlement Tutorial


Distribute robots

After the Committee receives the remittance voucher, the rented materials will be issued.

The express delivery number can be obtained by consulting QQ materials (2881038595) or email (robomaster@dji.com).


Return of robots


Send the robot back to the Committee on the required date.

Add the school name + team name + number of rental robots + express delivery number + delivery date, fill out the “ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge Robot Rental Fee Statement”and send it to: robomaster@dji.com

1. Email theme format: school name + team name + robot return.

2. For the Chinese mainland team, if there are special invoice requirements, such as the type of invoice, header, face value, etc., please indicate in the mail. If there is no special requirement, the default VAT ordinary invoice will be used.

Invoice stamp: 深圳市大疆创新科技有限公司

Invoice details: the name of the purchased goods, the purchase amount and the quantity purchased.

For Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and overseas teams, if you have Invoice requirements , please write them in the email.


Settlement deposit

After receiving the robot, the Committee will perform the damage detection on the robot, verify the expenses during the rental period, and settle the remaining deposit.



Return the remaining deposit

The Committee will return the remaining deposit to the account specified in the “ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge Robot Rental Agreement”; and send the invoice to the participating team.

 The invoice amount shall be the final settlement amount.


Ⅳ. Lease plan description

project Offer details
Rent An AI robot: 35 USD/week or 245 RMB / week
Deposit An AI robot: 3,500 USD or 24,500 RMB
Freight Freight to be borne by the participating team
rent ceiling rent quantity + purchase quantity ≤ 2
Maximum rent period From now until July 31, 2019


V. Contract download

Rental contract:

(English version): ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge Robot Rental Agreement

(Chinese version): ICRA 2019 RoboMaster 人工智能挑战赛机器人租赁合同


Rental fee statement

(English version): ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge Robot Rental Fee Statement

(Chinese version): ICRA 2019 RoboMaster 人工智能挑战赛机器人租赁费结算表 


Appendix. RoboMaster AI robot Components List 

Serial number AI robot parts list Quantity
1 RoboMaster AI Robot Mechanical Structure 1
2 RoboMaster Development Board Type A 2
3 RoboMaster GM6020 Brushless DC Motor 2
4 RoboMaster M3508 P19 Brushless DC Gear Motor 4
5 RoboMaster C620 Brushless DC Motor Speed Controller 4
6 RoboMaster M2006 P36 Brushless DC Gear Motor 1
7 RoboMaster C610 Brushless DC Motor Speed Controller 1
8 Snail 2305 Racing Motor 2
9 Snail 430-R Racing ESC 2
10 RoboMaster Mecanum Wheel (left) 2
11 RoboMaster Mecanum Wheel (right) 2
12 TB47D Battery 1
13 RoboMaster TB47 Battery 100W Charger AC Cable (China) 1
14 RoboMaster Robot Remote Controller Set 1
15 RoboMaster Single Axis Gyroscope Module 1
16 RoboMaster 17 mm Standard Projectiles 200
17 RoboMaster Referee System Speed Monitor Module SM01 1
18 RoboMaster Referee System Power Management Module PM01 1
19 RoboMaster Referee System Main Controller Module MC02 1
20 RoboMaster Referee System Armor Module AM02 4
21 RoboMaster Referee System Armor Module Support Frame 8
22 RoboMaster Referee System RFID Interaction Module FI02 1
23 RoboMaster Referee System Light Indicator Module LI01 1
24 RoboMaster AI Robot Cables 1
25 RoboMaster Venue Interaction Module Card 2
26 RoboMaster TB47 Battery Charger 100W (without AC cable) 1