Summer camp

The RoboMaster Summer Camp is a summer science-fiction activity tailored by DJI for college students majoring in science and engineering, as well as robot fans. After rounds of selection, college students come to the summer camp to challenge the one-month robot R&D project. Three summer camps have been successfully held since 2013, respectively themed “autonomous mobile shooting”, “steel strike” and “autonomous bomb dropping during flight”.

2018 Summer camp

The full automation era. The campers were required to create a fully automated robot. Through all-round perception of the competition area, robots achieved autonomous navigation and decision making, automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic projectile container grabbing and supply, motion planning and shooting.


2017 Summer camp

The RoboMaster University Summer Camp introduced students to the world of artificial intelligence, with workshops held to develop engineering and robotics skills. Undergraduates were then organized into teams of ten and prepared fully-automated robots — an Aerial to scan the battlefield and acquire projectiles, which the Standard uses to shoot the opposing team’s robot with computer vision.

  • Opening ceremony

  • Outdoor academic tutorial

  • Team discussion

  • Robot debugging

  • Autonomous aerial & ground robots’ battle synergy

  • Self-designed robot exhibition

  • Banquet

2016 Summer camp

RoboMaster 2016 Summer Camp: Students had to design and operate automatic drones to catch objects and drop them in designated areas.

  • RoboMaster 2016 summer camp documentary

  • Students Making the Great Strength Bridge Structure

  • Summer Camp Opening

  • Students Visiting Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

2015 Summer Camp

In the summer of 2015, students organized in multiple groups and independently developed drones based on the M100, to challenge airstrike tasks.

  • RoboMaster 2015 summer camp documentary

  • RoboMaster 2015 summer camp highlights

  • Opening ceremony

  • Drone ready to catch the ball

  • Sudoku Score Zone

  • Ball Catching Zone

  • Concentric Circles Score Zone

2014 Summer Camp

2014 Summer Camp is an earlier incarnation of the RoboMaster Competition. The students operated their independently developed robots for a shooting showdown.

  • The World of Engineers

  • Group Outings

  • Robots

  • The Field

  • RoboMaster 2014 summer camp documentary:smart is new sexy

2013 Summer Camp

In the summer of 2013, 24 technology elites came to Shenzhen and challenged mobile shooting practices with DJI.

  • Members and DJI

  • A photograph of all the members

  • Discussion

  • Visit the HKUST Laboratory

  • Professor Li and Members

  • A photograph of all the members