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About RoboMaster


The RoboMaster program is a platform for robotic competitions and academic exchange founded by Da-Jiang Innovations (DJI) and specially designed for global technology enthusiasts. Since its establishment in 2013, RoboMaster has been committed to cultivating young engineering talents and showcasing the possibilities of technological innovation to audiences around the globe.

At present, it has developed into three major competition series: the RoboMaster University Series for university students, the RoboMaster Youth Championship for K12 students, and the RoboMaster Open Tournament for the general public. Among them, the RoboMaster University Series has been expanding its influence year by year, attracting more than 400 colleges and universities around the world to participate annually and nurturing the engineering talents of over 35,000 young learners. RoboMaster has also continued to develop various training and laboratory co-construction programs with hundreds of colleges and universities.

2021 Competitions

RoboMaster Youth Championship

Chinese High School Students

The RoboMaster Youth Championship aims to equip young engineers with vital engineering skills and practical abilities involving artificial intelligence. Participants will start with the basics of robotics and programming and gradually advance to the principles of artificial intelligence and robotic control. Finally, this competition will test students' skills, wit, and problem-solving abilities.

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RoboMaster University Series

College Series Contrast

College Series Contrast

  • RMUC
  • RMUL
  • RMUT
  • RMUA
  • University Championship
  • University League
  • University Technical Challenge
  • University AI Challenge


  • Both sides need to develop their own robots of different types and functions for tactical confrontation in a designated battlefield.
  • The competition mode the same as that of RMUC. Teams can also advance to the RMUC through the Scoring and Ranking system.
  • Teams need to develop just one robot to accomplish a challenge, so that they can reduce R&D costs, and centralize manpower and capital for technological breakthroughs.
  • The RMUA focuses on competition of mobile robotics algorithm. Teams need to master multiple aspects of algorithm knowledge, such as positioning, motion planning, target detection, autonomous decision-making and automatic control.


  • 7V7 live-firing (multiple types of robots)
  • 3V3 live-firing (three types of robots)
  • Technical challenge for a single robot
  • 2V2 live-firing (two automatic robots from each side)


  • Suitable for teams that have made a certain level of achievements in previous seasons as well as experienced teams
  • Suitable for start-up or newly-formed teams that wish to take part in the RMUC in the future
  • Suitable for teams with less funding, manpower and experience in the competition, or new teams
  • Senior undergraduate and graduate students are recommended to participate as core team members


  • The Central Committee of the Communist Young League
  • Local academic institutions
  • The Central Committee of the Communist Young League
  • IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (to be determined)

Highest Level of Award

  • National
  • Provincial
  • National
  • National
Global University Students
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RoboMaster Open Tournament


The RoboMaster Open Tournament uses participating cities/locations as the venue and the RoboMaster S1 as the competition robot. This tournament encourages participants to experience artificial intelligence first hand to improve their engineering, teamwork, and much more while having fun and earning a deep sense of accomplishment.
RMOT is temporarily only available in Mainland China.

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RoboMaster’s Development


Competition Expansion

  • The RoboMaster Animation
    An original TV animation co-produced by China and Japan
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  • The RoboMaster Reality Show
    China's first original reality show themed with robotic competition
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  • The RoboMaster Documentary
    The first documentary on the growth of young engineers at home and abroad
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  • The RoboMaster Comics
    An original comics co-produced by DJI and PXTAR
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The RoboMaster Program has expanded to multiple new programs outside of the competitive arena, including the RoboMaster Campus Clubs, RoboMaster Summer & Winter Camps, RoboMaster High School Robot Course Development, and the Youth Engineer Summit.

Additionally, RoboMaster hopes to spread the culture of young engineers. We have successively launched a number of original cultural IP projects, including the RoboMaster Animation, the RoboMaster Reality Show, the RoboMaster Documentary and the RoboMaster Comics. We hope to spark the public's interest in and enthusiasm for robotics and develop the country through science and education.

Competition Culture

· Vision: Cultivate young engineering talents and showcase the possibilities of technological innovation to audiences around the globe.

· Mission: Empowering young learners to transform their world with the power of engineering and technology.

· Purpose: Train talented engineers for the future with advanced scientific educational concepts. Improve the overall level of robotics competition and promote the technological development of the robotics industry with the highest standards for scientific and technological competitions. Use cutting-edge technology and innovation as a means to stimulate youth interest in science and technology.

· Concept: Talent-oriented, promoting the culture of young engineers and developing the world's top university robotic competitions. The culture of young engineers: advocating science and innovation, sharing and practicing, being solution-oriented, and striving for excellence.

· Values: The emphasis should be on the experience, not winning or losing. Learn from every match. Keep it simple and do it right. The perfectionist is respected and the innovator is fearless. Passion drives struggle and cooperation makes wonder. Respect opponents, pay attention to details, recognize efforts.


  • Frank.Wang

    Founder of DJI, Sponsor of RoboMaster

  • Hegao.Cai

    Expert in Robotics and Mechatronics, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chairman of RoboMaster Organizing Committee

  • Zexiang.Li

    Professor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Executive Chairman of RoboMaster Organizing Committee