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About RoboMaster

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The RoboMaster Program provides competitions and events for young engineers that foster innovation and hands on experience in the field of robotics. The namesake RoboMaster Robotics Competition is hosted by DJI, the world’s leading consumer drone manufacture, and is on its way to be the most influential robotics competition to date. Each RoboMaster event aims to incorporate the most up and coming technology in the field of robotics such as computer vision, embedded systems, and artificial intelligence.

RoboMaster requires students to walk out of the classroom, form a robotics team, and independently develop and produce a variety of robots to participate in a large-scale competition. Participants gain valuable technical skills as well as critical thinking skills throughout the competition. They are able to combine theory and practice, and build advanced intelligent robots to face in a fierce competition.

2019 Competitions


RoboMaster 2020 will include RoboMaster Robotics Competition, RoboMaster Technical Challenge and RoboMaster AI Challenge.

RoboMaster (Competitions) is a Robotics Competition that is sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the National Federation of Students and the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, and initiated and hosted by Da-Jiang Innovations (DJI), as the first firing face-off type robot competition in the world. At it births, it availed itself of the convention-breaking method of a robot competition, stunning audio-visual impact and a fierce and tough competitive style to attract serious attention from hundreds of institutions of higher education, nearly 1,000 high-tech enterprises and countless science and technology enthusiasts all over the world. Learn more

The Technical Challenge of RoboMaster (Competitions) focuses on the academic research of a certain technical field of robotics, and its aim is to encourage the participating teams delve more deeply into the technology and strive for excellence, and to perfect robots. These events were established in order to encourage the participating teams to raise the technical level of individual robots and improve their overall technical abilities. The focus is on in-depth exploration of and academic research on a certain technical field of robotics, and the aim is to cultivate cutting-edge robotics and encourage participating team members to specialize in the field. Learn more

The RoboMaster AI Challenge has already been co-sponsored by the DJI RoboMaster Organizing Committee (RMOC) and the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation for three consecutive years. This competition has been jointly held successively in Singapore, Australia and Canada, which has further its impact on the field of international robotics and attracted the participation a large number of top universities and scientific research institutes around the work in the competition and academic seminars. Learn more

RoboMaster’s Development


Competition Expansion

  • animation

    The RoboMaster Animation

  • cosplay

    The RoboMaster Reality Show

  • doc-film

    The RoboMaster Documentary

  • comics

    The RoboMaster Comics

The RoboMaster Program has expanded to multiple new programs outside of the competitive arena, including the RoboMaster Campus Clubs, RoboMaster Summer & Winter Camps, RoboMaster High School Robot Course Development, and the Youth Engineer Summit.

Additionally, RoboMaster hopes to spread STEM into popular culture. We have successively launched a number of original cultural IP projects including: The RoboMaster Animation, the RoboMaster Reality Show, the RoboMaster Documentary and the RoboMaster Comics. We hope to spark the public's interest and inspire more people to get involved in the robotics field.

The Future of RoboMaster

The RoboMaster Program is growing into an international arena shared by technology enthusiasts around the world. We want to bring STEM into the public spotlight to inspire more individuals with robotics ambitions.

RoboMaster is a breakthrough revolution cultivating new talent in colleges and universities. While promoting the development of robotics, RoboMaster also builds a platform for participants to learn and grow from one another. They grow in the competition, progress in practice, and change the world. Their dreams never stop.


  • Frank.Wang

    Founder of DJI, RoboMaster Sponsor

  • Hegao.Cai

    Chairman of the RoboMaster Organizing Committee

  • Zexiang.Li

    Executive chairman of the RoboMaster Organizing Committee