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About RoboMaster


The RoboMaster University Series (RMU) is a platform for robotic competitions and academic exchange, specially designed for global technology enthusiasts.  Since its establishment in 2013, RoboMaster has been committed to its mission of "empowering young learners to transform their world with the power of engineering and technology." It attracts engineering talents with interdisciplinary abilities and showcases the possibilities of technological innovation to audiences around the globe.

It requires participants to go beyond their textbooks to form robotics teams, develop a diverse fleet of robots, and participate in team battles. Through the intense competition, students gain invaluable industry experience and strategic planning skills. This helps them combine their book smarts with practical skills in the field, enabling the construction of the most advanced and intelligent robots. The RMU has expanded its influence over the years, attracting more than 400 colleges and universities around the world to participate annually and nurturing the engineering talents of over 50,000 young learners. RoboMaster has also continued to develop various training and laboratory co-construction programs with hundreds of colleges and universities.

2023 Competitions

RoboMaster University Championship

7V7 live-firing

he RoboMaster University Championship (RMUC), which is the first PVP live-firing robotics competition in the world, was founded and organized by DJI. Since its inception, it has broken the mold of traditional robotics competitions, offering stunning audio-visual effects and fierce competition that attract participants from hundreds of colleges and universities worldwide. Almost a thousand companies in the high-tech space as well as tens of thousands of tech enthusiasts follow the results of the RMUC closely.

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RoboMaster University

1V1 Standard Match
3V3 Match
1V1 or 3V3 live-firing
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RoboMaster University AI Challenge

2V2 live-firing

Since 2017, this event has been co-hosted by the DJI RoboMaster Organizing Committee and the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Singapore, Australia, Canada, Xi'an. This competition has attracted a large number of top universities and scientific research institutions around the world, furthering its international impact in the field of robotics.

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Competition Culture


· Empower young learners to transform their world with the power of engineering and technology.
· Cultivate engineering talent by offering opportunities for practical application, showcasing the exciting possibilities of technological innovation to audiences around the globe.


· Cultivate future engineers with advanced scientific and educational concepts.
· Lead global robotics competitions and drive the development of the robotics industry through the most rigorous competition rules.
· Stimulate students' interest in robotics through cutting-edge technologies and innovations.


· Cultivate talents, and develop world-class university robotics competitions.
· Promote a culture for young engineers that fosters enthusiasm for science and innovation, willingness to share knowledge and practice, development of problem-solving skills, ambition, motivation, and sincerity.

Competition Gains

RMU 2024 Bonus Pool:
Performance Awards
Each competition offers National First, Second, and Third Prizes, Regional First and Second Prizes
Open Source Awards
Encourage participating teams to make their core technologies and operation methods open source to encourage the development of RoboMaster and the young engineer culture.
Outstanding Contribution Awards
Recognize excellent individuals/teams that have not placed, including Outstanding Supervisor, Outstanding Captain, Outstanding PR Team, etc.
Organization Awards
Recognize the efforts of all participants, and include the Rookie Award, Mainstay Award, Competitive Spirit Award, Top Tactician Award, etc. Experience matters more than results, and the hard work of all participating teams deserves recognition.

Talent Cultivation

Operation Costs Saved:
As of 2023, the RMOC has helped participating teams save more than RMB 43,110,000 in operations costs through dedicated materials discounts.
R&D Technology Improvement
The competition rules integrate a variety of robotics disciplines, such as machine vision, embedded system design, mechanical control, autonomous navigation, and human-machine interaction. Through participating in the project-based RoboMaster program, participants can improve their professional and technical capabilities, gain engineering experience, and establish a solid foundation before starting careers.
Comprehensive Skill Development
The RoboMaster Training System encompasses the competition guide, course salons, open-source materials, and other content. After one year of team preparation and practice, participants can hone their team cooperation abilities, overall planning skills and flexibility so as to grow into an innovative talent with integrative competence and hands-on experience.

Exclusive Recruitment Channel

The RoboMaster program aims to cultivate innovative, persistent, visionary, and enterprising young engineers. To date, over 500 outstanding RoboMaster talents have joined DJI, with some of them becoming the backbone of DJI.

Meanwhile, many RoboMaster talents who have grown through the RoboMaster program are becoming the mainstays of various industries and contributing to scientific and technological innovation. To recognize the enthusiasm and skill of RoboMaster competition participants, DJI has established an exclusive recruitment channel. The channel is open year-round for competition team members, volunteers, and staff. Qualified RoboMaster-related individuals who submit their resumes through this channel will be eligible to participate in special recruitment activities, and enjoy other benefits.


RoboMaster's Development


Competition Spin-Offs

  • The RoboMaster Animation
    An original TV animation co-produced by China and Japan
    Click to watch

  • The RoboMaster Reality Show
    China's first original reality show themed with robotic competition
    Click to watch

  • The RoboMaster Documentary
    The first documentary on the growth of young engineers at home and abroad
    Click to watch

  • The RoboMaster Comics
    An original comics co-produced by DJI and PXTAR
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RoboMaster aims to spread the culture of young engineers. We have successively launched a number of original cultural IP projects, including the RoboMaster Cartoon, the RoboMaster Reality Show, and the RoboMaster Documentary. We hope to spark the public's interest in and enthusiasm for robotics, and develop a love of science and technology.