RoboMaster 2020 Robotics Competition Referee System Exam Instruction


The Referee System Exam is an important step in the Technical Assessment for the RoboMaster 2020 Robotics Competition.
The marks for the Referee System Exam will be used as a basis for deciding on each team’s self-selected competition region for the China Regional Competition of RoboMaster 2020 Robotics Competition and the setup of their seed teams.

[Exam Details]
Participants: The formal members of the team can log in to the registration system to participate. At least 9 formal members pass the exam simultaneously (the captain account must participate in the exam).

Exam Time:
  1. 1. Chinese Mainland Teams: 12:00 March 6, 2020 - 12:00 March 7, 2020 (Beijing Time)

  1. 2. Teams from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Overseas: 12:00 March 27, 2020 - 12:00 March 28, 2020 (Beijing Time)

Exam Content:  《RoboMaster 2020 Referee System User Manual》and referee system related documents(see RM2019 version).

Exam Format:
  1. 1. Multiple-choice questions, generated randomly from the questions bank. A total of 50 questions,2 points for each question. The full mark is 100, and the passing mark is 90.

  1. 2. Pass condition: the team captain's account enter the exam, and start the countdown of 20 minutes. The official team member's account can enter the exam after refreshing the page. The team needs to submit the answers within this 20 minute period to meet the requirements of at least 9 sets of pass scores, then can pass the referee system exam.If 9 people fail to pass the evaluation within 20 minutes, the team 3. 3. 3. member can only enter the next evaluation round after the captain's account is re-entered into exam page.

  1. 3. The exam can be participated in more than once within the Referee System Exam period. The time gap of each exam round should be at least 25 minutes.

  1. 4. The result of the exam is based on the marks for the last submission made within the effective exam period.

Privileges Granted for Passing Exam:
  1. 1. The team may borrow referee systems for one set of Standard, one set of Hero, one set of Engineer and one set of Sentry.(Due to the COVID-19 outbreak,the referee system will not be distributed to the teams from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Overseas for the time being,Please pay attention to follow-up notice for the distribution arrangement)

  1. 2. The team will receive permission to submit a Design Report.

[Gentle Reminder]
  1. 1. Use the latest version of Chrome to log into the Captain’s account and enter “Referee System Exam” to answer the questions.

  1. 2. After clicking “Begin Exam”, the system will enter the exam page. Answer the questions once you are on the exam page, and submit the exam paper once completed. After the submission, the system will automatically calculate the results. If the exam paper has not been submitted, it will remain in “incomplete” status and its results will not be recorded. If the exam sheet is incomplete or the time has not reached 25 minutes after accessing the exam paper, you will not be able to proceed to the next exam paper. The results of the exam will be based on the marks of the exam paper last submitted. If the exam paper has not been submitted after the exam time has elapsed, the system will not record the results of the exam paper.

  1. 3. For any network error encountered during the exam, please contact the RoboMaster Organizing Committee (RMOC) (0755-36383255). If the exam is not completed due to reasons caused by the team, the team shall bear the relevant consequences.