Notice on the RMUA 2021 (20210209)


1. RMUA 2021 warm-up competition

Decided in consultation with the Xi'an Jiaotong University, the warm-up competition for RoboMaster 2021 University AI Challenge (RMUA 2021 ) will be held on the end of March in Xi'an, China, which aims through actual combat to gain experience and improve technical plan. The specific information of the warm-up competition is as follows:



Participating Condition

Teams RMUA 2021 of participating teams .

Competition System

Group Stage


The competition is carried out according to the latest RMUA 2021 competition rules, and the specific competition system depends on the number of participation.

Knockout Stage




Registration time

March 1 - 8

The organizing committee will adjust the time schedule according to the actual registration situation. The final competition schedule information will be released after the registration.

Check-in day

(Adaptive training)

March 30

Match day

March 31-April 1


Xi'an, China

Extra Information

1.Accommodation and transportation expenses shall be borne by the team.

2.There is no promotion relationship between the warm-up and the official competition;

3.For registration details, please refer to the registration notice issued by the Organizing Committee later.


2. About replacing the RoboMaster Referee System Power Management Module

As the AI robot development platform of the RMUA 2021 season uses a new version of the referee system hardware, the old version of the referee system needs to replace the power management module to ensure the normal operation of the RMUA 2021 season referee system. Therefore , all AI robots purchased before December 10, 2020 need to replace the power management module to RoboMaster referee system power management module PM02(R) :

1)  RoboMaster AI robot 2020 Standard Edition which purchased before December 10, 2020 could be replaced this module for free. The team should follow the replacement procedures: Register replacement information before December 10, 2020: The organizing committee would send the email notice once the module had been delivered.  After receiving the new version of the power management module, the team must replace the old power module in time and send it back to the organizing committee: 202-204 IC Design Application Industrial Park, Chaguang Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China. RM Organizing Committee +8613534211851

2) Teams that have purchased RoboMaster 2019 AI robots need to purchase the latest RoboMaster power module PM02 (R) by the team. If the delivery address in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan or overseas, please e-mail to the Organizing Committee ( to communication Purchasing intention.


3. Notice on the RMUA 2021 schedule



Early March

Referee system airborne firmware and referee system server PC software update

March 22 to March 26

Submit Technical Assessment

End of March

Warm-up competition

Early April

Announce the results of the Technical Assessment and the list of entries for the official competition

Early June

RMUA 2021 competition