RMU 2023 Instructions for Purchasing Materials


1. Material Discount Eligibility

In order to support the participating teams, the RoboMaster Organizing Committee allows the participating teams that have registered for RoboMaster University Championship (RMUC), RoboMaster University League (RMUL) and passed the registration assessment to purchase materials at discounted prices. New teams that meet certain requirements can also purchase the Standard Robot Kit at affordable prices. The materials purchased at a discount can only be used as supplies for RoboMaster 2023 competitions and related events. Discount eligibility and materials purchased at discounts cannot be resold.

MaterialsProduct detailRequirementsPrice($)Cap (set)Channels



Successfully registered for RMUC or RMUL and passed the registration assessmentSee "Appendix I: Accessories and Discount Amount"
RoboMaster 2020 Standard A Unassembled kithttps://www.robomaster.com/en-US/products/components/detail/2712

1.Registered for RMUC or RMULand passed the registration assessment in 2023 season

2. Not participated in RMUC, RMUT or RMUL in 2021 and 2022 seasons

12001Offline purchase
27001Offline purchase

1. Registered for for RMUC or RMUL and passed the registration assessment in 2023 season

2. Not participated in RMUC in 2021 and 2022 seasons

27002Offline purchase
Available for all RMU 2023 teamsMarket price: 3400/Telephone
Livox Mid-70 LiDARhttps://www.livoxtech.com/mid-70

“The two products share the same discount policy.”

1. Passed the RMUC Season Plan: one sets
2. Passed the RMUC Mid-term Robot Assessment: one set

3. Registered for RMUL 2023 3V3 Match and passed the registration assessment: one set

1050Refer to the "Requirements" column

Offline purchase

Market price: 1099/Search “Livox” at DJI Store
Livox Mid-360 LiDARhttps://www.livoxtech.com/mid-360560Refer to the "Requirements" column

Offline purchase

Market price: 749/Search “Livox” at DJI Store

2.Overview of Purchase Channels 



Targeted purchasers




Teams from Mainland China that have passed the registration assessment for RMU 2023

1. You can enjoy all the discounts mentioned in "I. Material Discount Eligibility"

2. Validity: 18:00, November 7, 2022 (no time limit for original price)

3. Some materials are not available for sale on Taobao (see "Appendix I: Accessories and Discount Amount", RoboMaster 2020 Standard A Unassembled kit). Please purchase these materials offline if needed.

4. Support credit card payment, transfer payment (public transfer), contract establishment

5. Normally, teams from Mainland China can only purchase discounted materials through Taobao. For special circumstances, please contact the RMOC. (WeChat: rmsaiwu)


Offline purchase

1.Teams from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Overseas that have passed the registration assessment for RMU 2023

2.Teams from Mainland China that have passed the registration assessment for RMU 2023, but cannot purchase certain materials through Taobao

1. You can enjoy the discounts mentioned in "I. Material Discount Eligibility"

2. Validity: 18:00, November 7, 2022

3. Support credit card payment, transfer payment (public transfer), contract establishment


DJI Store


1. Only some of the competition materials are available at DJI store.

2. You can only purchase these materials at the original price and cannot enjoy the discounts mentioned in "I. Material Discount Eligibility".

3. Support credit card payment, transfer payment (public transfer), contract establishment. Please contact the customer service for details.

4. If you want to purchase RMY-related materials, such as RoboMaster EP, please go to the DJI Store.


Purchase by phone


To purchase non-competition accessories and materials (such as referee system), please contact Mr. Chen at 15012826035







Log in to Taobao

Log in to Taobao, search for “RoboMaster 萝马集市” (RoboMaster Marketplace) and enter the store, select your desired products.


Register an account

1. Participating teams must register a Taobao account. Once submitted, it cannot be modified within the current season.

2. Fill in the “RM2023 Taobao Account Questionnaire for Participating Teams” for submitting account reporting.

1. One participating team can participate in the different competitions of the RoboMaster University Series at the same time. No matter how many competitions you have registered for, you only need to register and report ONE account.

2. After the questionnaire is submitted, it cannot be modified within the current season. Please double check before submitting the questionnaire.

3. Please submit a questionnaire by November 30, 2022. Otherwise, you will be deemed to have automatically given up the eligibility to purchase materials at Taobao discounts. Please purchase materials offline to obtain discounts.

4. It takes some time to collect the questionnaire information and complete discount binding. Please be patient.


Obtain discounts

1. Use the reported Taobao account to inquire the Taobao store customer service whether your discount is successfully bound.

2. Check the "Appendix I: Accessories and Discount Amount" to confirm the discount amount available to your team

1. Discount materials for the same team can only be purchased by designated accounts.

2. For any questions about the discount amount, contact Taobao store customer service for details.


Order at Taobao

1. Purchase materials at Taobao store according to your needs. Free shipping over RMB 158.

2. After adding the materials to the shopping cart, select all the materials to be purchased in the store and confirm the order.

3. Choose to abandon the payment and contact Taobao shop customer service to modify the price.

4. The Taobao store customer service will verify the discount amount and modify the price. The price change will be come into effect within 24 hours after the order is confirmed.

5. After the price is revised, please pay in time.

6. The materials will be shipped within 1-3 working days after payment.

If the quantity exceeds the upper limit of the discount amount, the excess part will be restored to the original price.


Invoice issuance and others


1. Request for an invoice at the order record if needed.

2. The invoice will be issued and sent to the mailbox within 10 working days after delivery.

3. For any after-sales services (repairs or returns, etc.), please read "Appendix III: After-sales Policy" and contact Taobao store customer service.

1. Invoicing template:

• Taxpayer name

•Taxpayer Identification Number

• Address

• Phone

• Bank and account number

• Invoice type (VAT ordinary invoice by default)

• E-invoice receiving mailbox

2. For other special needs, please contact Taobao store customer service.

4. Offline Purchase







Log in to the registration system to view the registration number (available only after passing the registration assessment)

For teams participating in multiple RMU events, fill in one of the valid registration numbers.


Download and fill in the documents

1.Download RM2023 Materials Purchase Order V1.0

2.Fill in the “RM2023 Materials Purchase Order” as required

1. Do not delete any cell in the list, nor modify the format, only fill out the blanks

2. There is an upper limit on the quantity of discount materials. Please record the total amount of discounts used by your team. If you exceed the limit, please state that "purchase at the original price".


Order confirmation

1. Send an email to: robomaster@dji.com. E-mail subject: university name + team name + materials list + amount. File name of the purchase order: university name + team name + materials list + amount

2.The RMOC will reply to the email within 3-4 working days to confirm the list.

3.After the list is confirmed, the required quantity will be locked. If the payment is not made for more than 7 days, the quantity will be unlocked.

  1. If you decide to waiver the purchase after the order is sent, please send an email to inform us in time, otherwise the discount amount will continue to be locked.
  2. Be sure to confirm the order details and total amount before payment. The sales contract or verbal promises cannot be used as the basis for payment, and the payment can only be made after the order is confirmed. If the team did not confirm the order details before making payment, resulting in the inconsistency between the payment and the order, the materials cannot be shipped and the payment will be refunded to the original account. If the payment cannot be refunded, supplementary confirmation will be made to the corresponding order, and the materials in the order will not enjoy the educational discount price.


Payment & shipping

1.Make remittance according to the quantity and amount confirmed by the RMOC, noting the school name

2.Email the final purchase order and the image of remittance proof to:robomaster@dji.com, (subject: school name + team name + final order & remittance proof+ amount)

3.After the RMOC have confirmed the remittance information, materials will be shipped.

1. Check the purchase order first before remitting. Direct remittance will be deemed invalid and the money will be refunded after deducting the incurred expenses.

2. For shipping addresses in Mainland China, orders can only be settled in RMB. RMB account information:

Account name: 深圳市睿炽科技有限公司

Account number: 755936619710201

Account Bank: 招商银行深圳科技园支行

3. If you need topay with a RMB credit card, please send an email for application before payment, and the RMOC will reply with an Alipay link for credit card payment. After scanning the QR code to pay, make sure to reply the email with a screenshot of the payment serial number enclosed.

4. Teams with shipping addresses in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and overseas can only use USD for settlement. When making payment, please pay additional fees such as payment handling fees by yourself to ensure that the final payment amount is exactly the same as the actual payment amount, otherwise we will not ship the products.

USD account information:

Bank Name: HSBC Hong Kong Bank

Bank Address: Head Office 1 Queen's Road Central Hong Kong


Account Number:  848-660296-201 USD



Invoice issuance


1. If there are special requirements for the type, header, and face value of the invoice, please note it in the email. Otherwise, a general electronic VAT invoice will be issued by default.

2. An invoice will be issued after the materials are shipped. The invoicing process takes about 1 week. Please be patient.

3. After the invoice is issued, it will be sent to the mailbox that sent the purchase order.

Invoice seal: 深圳市睿炽科技有限公司

Invoice details: The names, prices and quantities of materials purchased

Appendix I Accessories and Discount Amount

*The discount amount will be announced during the "Status Review" period.

See https://docs.qq.com/sheet/DUFptcHFFZmRNWWdq?newPad=1&newPadType=clone&tab=5ahgzu

Appendix II After sales policy

See: https://docs.qq.com/sheet/DUFZXZ3RLckRWZmxa?tab=BB08J6