RoboMaster 2018 Now Accepting Registration!


RoboMaster 2018 Now Accepting Registration!


The RoboMaster Organizing Committee is pleased to announce that registration for the 2018 RoboMaster season is officially open!

About the Competition 

DJI founded RoboMaster in 2015 as an educational robotics competition for students around the globe. This annual competition attracts more than 200 university teams, demonstrating creativity, passion, and collaboration in making competitive robots. In 2017, the RoboMaster Regionals and Final Tournament reached an online audience of over 26 million, solidifying its place as the most advanced robotics competition in the world. Highlights from the 2017 Final Tournament live stream are available on Twitch (  

Rules Overview 

In RoboMaster, teams compete head-to-head, fighting against each other with a group of self-developed robots on a complex battlefield. Each side has six types of robot: Hero, Standard, Engineer, Aerial, Sentry, and Supplier. Every robot is outfitted with firing mechanisms to hit opponents with projectiles, as well as armor modules that convert hits into reduced Health Points. When a robot’s HP is zero, it is destroyed. This allows the opposing team to attack its Base, which must be destroyed to win the match


The RoboMaster Organizing Committee (RMOC) reserves the right to change the competition schedule and rules. Specific rules and related aspects are subject to information announced by the RMOC on the official RM Forum.

RoboMaster 2018 includes the International Regional Competition, Wild Card Competition, and Final Tournament.



Dec.10 th, 2017*

Registration Deadline

April, 2018

Technical Report and Robot Video Submission Deadline

July, 2018

International Regional Competition

July-August, 2018

Wild Card Competition

July-August, 2018

Final Tournament

*  To accommodate for the schedule of all participating universities, the Registration deadline has been postponed to Dec 10, 2017.


Teams that qualify for the Final Tournament will compete in one week of matches in Shenzhen, China to become the 2018 RoboMaster Champion. Honors and awards for this tournament include:




Team trophy, individual certificates, and approx. US$75,000

2nd Place

Team trophy, individual certificates, and approx. US$45,000

3rd Place

Teams trophy, individual certificates, and approx. US$15,000

DJI Sponsorships

Throughout the season, teams that demonstrate exceptional quality in their Technical Report, as well as new and returning teams can qualify for various sponsorships provided by DJI, including:




New teams: Two Standard robots, US$1500 in DJI components for free


Returning teams: US$1500 in DJI components for free


Free shipping and no sales tax for all purchased DJI items


Up to US $450 in transportation reimbursements during stay in Shenzhen


Free lodging at college dormitories during competition


Full international travel reimbursement for up to six team members


Assistance from DJI coordinators and technical support personnel


Extra inspection time before each match and scrimmage matches before the competition


Internship opportunities at DJI


Invitation to International networking events and official visits to technology companies after the Final Tournament in Shenzhen, considered the Silicon Valley of China


RoboMaster 2018 is open to teams that consist of full-time college and university students and their supervisors. Individuals outside not associated with an educational institution can join any team as consultants. You are welcome to establish a team of 5-40 members and register for the competition at the RoboMaster official website: 

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RoboMaster 2017 Regional Competition: password: e1hu


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