Now Accepting Registration for RoboMaster 2019 Robotics Competition


Now Accepting Registration for 

RoboMaster 2019 Robotics Competition


The RoboMaster Program provides competitions and events for young engineers that foster innovation and hands on experience in the field of robotics. The namesake RoboMaster Robotics Competition is hosted by DJI, the world’s leading consumer drone manufacture, and is on its way to be the most influential robotics competition to date. Each RoboMaster event aims to incorporate the most up and coming technology in the field of robotics such as computer vision, embedded systems, and artificial intelligence.

RoboMaster 2019 will include the RoboMaster Robotics Competition, the RoboMaster Technical Challenge and the ICRA RoboMaster AI Challenge.

International registration for the RoboMaster Robotics Competition opens September 20th. In addition to the RoboMaster Robotics Competition, Registration for the ICRA RoboMaster AI Challenge and RoboMaster Technical Challenge will open November 20th.


The RoboMaster 2019 Robotics Competition is an international competition open to all universities. As long as your pasionate about robotics, and eager to compete, you are ready to register for the RoboMaster Robotics Competition.


Rules Overview

In 2019, two competing teams must independently develop a Standard robot, a Hero robot, an Engineer robot, an Aerial robot and a Sentry robot. With these robots the team must plan and conduct a strategic battle against their oponent. Operators control their robots through a first person view. The goal is to launch projectiles and attack their opponent’s robots and Base. Matches last up to 7 minutes, the team with the highest remaining Base HP by the end of the match wins.


Rules Download: RoboMaster 2019 Robotics Competition Rules Manual V1.1(Chinese).

                            RoboMaster 2019 Robotics Competition Rules Manual V1.1 (English).

                                RoboMaster 2019 Robotics Competition Rules Manual V1.2(Chinese).

                                RoboMaster 2019 Robotics Competition Rules Manual V1.2 (English).

The RoboMaster 2019 Robotics Competition will hold several Chinese Regional Competitions, an International Regional Competition, a Wild Card Competition and a Final Tournament in Shenzhen, China. After fierce competition in the regionals, the winning team will directly qualify for the finals. The remaining teams that are eligible for resurrection will have to go through a fierce confrontation in the Wild Card Competition and compete for the valuable last spots in the finals. In the end, the world's strongest 32 teams will gather in Shenzhen to compete for the ultimate 2019 Championship Title.




12:30(Beijing time) Sept. 20, 2018

- 24:00(Beijing time) Oct. 16, 2018

Registration opens for teams from Mainland China

12:30(Beijing time) Sept. 20, 2018

- 24:00(Beijing time) Nov.16, 2018

Registration opens for teams from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and Overseas

Before April 2019

Technical Report due for teams from Mainland China

Before June 2019

Technical Report due for teams from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Overseas

May 2019

Chinese Regional Competitions

July, 2019

International Regional Competition

July, 2019

Wild Card Competition (Only teams from Mainland China)

August, 2019

Final Tournament



 Champion’s Prize

USD $ 75,000 (pre-tax)

Second Prize

USD $ 45,000 (pre-tax)

Third Prize

USD $ 15,000 (pre-tax)

Teams Notes

Students from colleges and universities, including mechanical, electronic, control, software, computer, PR and other related fields , form a research and development team of 5-35 people. The participating universities must be full-time undergraduate and postgraduate colleges. 

Participants must be students enrolled in universities before October 2019.

In principle, only one team in the same school is eligible to participate. Two or more schools that do not have separate teams can form an intercollegiate team.

Complete the registration of the personal information and team information on the RoboMaster website from 12:30(Beijing time) September 20, 2018 to 24:00(Beijing time)October 31, 2018. You can choose to create a new team or join an existing one.

Entry Supports

For New Teams

Teams from Mainland China: One Standard Robot for gift.

Teams from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas: Two Standard Robots for gift.

For Returned Teams

Teams from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas: R&D materials for gift (Valued USD $ 1,500).

Other Supports

The materials required for the competition can be purchased through educational discounts;

Purchase official materials to avoid shipping and customs duties;

Provide transportation and accommodation during International Regional Competition, Wild Card Competition, Final Tournament;

Provide all-round support for team operations, business, publicity, project management, technology research and development;

Overseas teams will also provide round-trip airfare subsidies.


Referrers’ Rewards

Participating teams may recommend new overseas teams (Teams that haven’t signed up for RoboMaster Robotics Competition Seasons) to register. The referrers’ rewards are as follows:

1. If the recommended team successfully register and pass the rules evaluation, the referring team will be gifted competition materials (valued approx. USD $ 220);

2. If the recommended team passes the technical report and qualifies for the Regional Competition, the referrer will be gifted extra event materials (valued approx. USD $ 580);

3. Recommended Procedure

A. Please forward emails to

B. Email title format: RoboMaster 2019 Robotics Competition Team Referral

C. Email content format:

Your Team: College/University + Team Name + Captain’s Name + Contact Information

Referred Team: College/University + Team Name + Captain’s Name + (Expected) Time of Registration + Contact Information

D. Wait for reply

Contact Us 





Additional Notes

1. Registration for the RoboMaster 2019 Technical Challenge and the ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge will open Nov. 20th.

2. For more details about ICRA 2019 (International Conference on Robotics and Automation 2019), go to: