Now Accepting Registration for ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge


Now Accepting Registration for ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge


In recent years, deep learning technology has been brought up in numerous fields, reshaping the frontiers of computer vision and other areas of artificial intelligence research. In robot research, deep neural network (DNN)-based reinforcement learning enables robots to make decisions autonomously. As well-known games such as Go, Warcraft, and StarCraft are used as research platforms, the potential for the application of robotic autonomous decision-making in our daily life is unlimited.

The ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge is Hosted by ICRA2019, DJI and organized by RoboMaster Organizing Committee. This Competition will be held in Montreal, Canada on May, 2019.


The ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge is an international competition open to all universities. As long as your pasionate about robotics, and eager to compete, you are ready to register for the ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge.

Registration system (English):

Registration system (Chinese):

Rules Overview

In 2019, a standard robot platform will be provided by the competition. In the AI Challenge, each team needs to prepare one or two robots to perform fully automatic firing battles with the opposing team on a 5m × 8m competition area. During each 5-min round, a robot reduces its opponent's HP by recognizing and firing projectiles to hit the opponent's armor. At the end of each round, the team with the highest total damage output by the robots wins the round.

Rules Manual (English):ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge Rules Manual V1.0

April 23, 2019 updated:ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge Rules Manual V1.1

Rules Manual (Chinese):ICRA 2019 RoboMaster人工智能挑战赛规则手册 V1.0

 April 23, 2019 updated:ICRA 2019 RoboMaster 人工智能挑战赛规则手册 V1.1




Dec. 10, 2018- Jan. 18, 2019

Registration period

Dec. 10, 2018- Jan.22, 2019

Technical Proposal (optional)

Feb. 11, 2019- Mar.25, 2019

Technical Report (mandatory)

May 20, 2019- May 22, 2019

Competition Days


Grand Prize (First Place): USD $20,000 (pre-tax)

Frist Prize (Second Place): USD $15,000 (pre-tax)

Frist Prize (Third Place): USD $10,000 (pre-tax)

Frist Prize (Fourth Place): USD $5,000 (pre-tax)

Second Prize (Fifth-Eighth Place): USD $2,000 (pre-tax)

Third Prize: Honor certificates

Participation Award: Honor certificates

Sharpshooter Award: Honor certificates

Academic Incentive Award: Highest USD $10,000 (pre-tax)


Teams Notes

Students from colleges and universities, including mechanical, electronic, control, software, computer, PR and other related fields , form a research and development team of 6-12 people. The participating universities must be full-time undergraduate and postgraduate colleges. 

Participants must be students enrolled in universities before October 2019.

In principle, only one team in the same school is eligible to participate. Two or more schools that do not have separate teams can form an intercollegiate team.

Complete the registration of the personal information and team information on the RoboMaster website from 10:00(Beijing time) Dec. 10, 2018 to 24:00(Beijing time) Jan. 18, 2019. You can choose to create a new team or join an existing one.


Purchase Materials

The AI Challenge focuses on deep neural network algorithms of robots. The participating teams must use the unified standard robot hardware platform provided by the RoboMaster Organizing Committee. Non-official robots or robots used in previous or other competitions are not allowed to be used in the competition. The participating teams need to develop sensors, computing device solutions and neural network algorithms on the robot hardware platform to register for the competition.

The material purchase instructions will be announced later.


Entry Supports

Successfully Register

15% off discount for purchasing one AI robot

20% off discount for purchasing two AI robots

Pass Technical Proposal (Optional)

Rank S: Teams will be rewarded an AI robot and an 50% off discount voucher for the AI robot.


Rank A: Teams will be rewarded two 40% off discount vouchers for the AI robot.


Rank B: Teams will be rewarded two 30% off discount vouchers for the AI robot.


Rank C and above: Teams will be rewarded the permission to rent AI robots. (2 robots at maximum)


Pass Technical Report (Mandatory)

Rank S: Teams will be qualified to the competition with USD $ 1,500 support.

Rank A: Teams will be qualified to the competition with USD $ 1,000 support.

Other Supports

The materials required for the competition can be purchased through educational discounts;

Purchase official materials to avoid shipping and customs duties;

Provide all-round support for team operations, business, publicity, project management, technology research and development;


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1、ICRA 2019 DJI RoboMaster AI Challenge AI Robot User Manual:

Chinese Version :ICRA 2019 DJI RoboMaster 人工智能挑战赛AI机器人用户手册V1.0

English Version :ICRA 2019 DJI RoboMaster AI Challenge AI Robot User Manual V1.0

*2019/2/18 Update the picture of 2.3 Sensor Installation

Chinese Version :ICRA 2019 DJI RoboMaster 人工智能挑战赛AI机器人用户手册V1.1

English Version :ICRA 2019 DJI RoboMaster AI Challenge AI Robot User Manual V1.1

2、ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge Referee System Specification Manual:

Chinese Version :ICRA 2019 RoboMaster 人工智能挑战赛裁判系统规范手册V1.0

English Version  :ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge Referee System Specification Manual V1.0