ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge Important Documents


ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge
Important Documents


1. Rules Manual

English Edition V1.0: ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge Rules Manual V1.0

Chinese Edition V1.0: ICRA 2019 RoboMaster 人工智能挑战赛规则手册 V1.0

Rules FAQs: ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge FAQs (as of 2019.01.10)


2. Materials Purchasing Instruction

English Announcement: https://www.robomaster.com/en-US/resource/pages/989?type=announcementSub

Chinese Announcement: https://www.robomaster.com/zh-CN/resource/pages/988?type=announcementSub


3. Robot Rental Instruction

English Announcement: https://www.robomaster.com/en-US/resource/pages/995?type=announcementSub

Chinese Announcement: https://www.robomaster.com/zh-CN/resource/pages/994?type=announcementSub


4. AI Robot User Manual

English Edition V1.0: ICRA 2019 DJI RoboMaster AI Challenge AI Robot User Manual V1.0

Chinese Edition V1.0: ICRA 2019 DJI RoboMaster 人工智能挑战赛AI机器人用户手册V1.0

2019/2/18 Update the picture of 2.3 Sensor Installation

English Edition V11.: ICRA 2019 DJI RoboMaster AI Challenge AI Robot User Manual V1.1

Chinese Edition V1.1: ICRA 2019 DJI RoboMaster 人工智能挑战赛AI机器人用户手册V1.1

2019/2/28 Update accessory package:AI Robot User Manual Materials

5. Referee System Specification Manual

English Edition V1.0:

ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge Referee System Specification Manual V1.0

Chinese Edition V1.0:

ICRA 2019 RoboMaster 人工智能挑战赛裁判系统规范手册V1.0

2019/2/28 Update accessory package:Referee System Specification Manual Materials

6. AI Robot RoboRTS Framework Tutorial

English Edition: https://robomaster.github.io/RoboRTS-Tutorial/#/en/roborts

Chinese Edition: https://robomaster.github.io/RoboRTS-Tutorial/#/  


7. AI Robot RoboRTS Framework Source Code



8. AI Robot Mechanism STEP drawings

RoboMaster AI Robot Mechanism STEP drawings

Tips: This file can be opened with Creo or Solidworks. It usually takes 5 minutes when the first time you open it. Please do not take any other operations during the opening process. After this file successfully opened, you should save it as "parts", which takes 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then you would only take about 30 seconds in the next every opens. (Please use desktop computer to get faster open speed. Computers with different configuration will lead to different situation.)

RoboMaster AI Robot Mechanism drawings(SolidWorks2016 or higher version)

RoboMaster AI Robot Mechanism drawings(Creo3 or higher version)

9. AI Robot Platform Beginner Learning Guide:

English Edition:


Chinese Edition:



10. A short video of the 2018 AI Challenge

Link 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnQnBPCPQ74&feature=youtu.be

Link 2: https://v.qq.com/x/page/t0811gh1ppx.html


11. Referee System User Manual

English Edition V1.0: RM2019 Referee System User Manual V1.0

Chinese Edition V1.0: RM2019 裁判系统用户手册V1.0

12. ICRA2019 AI Challenge Live Text Tutorial Session with Q&A : https://bbs.robomaster.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=7846&fromuid=14 

13. ICRA2019 Competition Field Materials

Competition Field Materials (as of March 18)

14.Supply Station Visual Tag Example&Description

【 March 18, 2019 updated】

15.Camera and Lidar Installation Example

【 March 22, 2019 updated】

16.Attached the updated ICRA Server.

Note: You need to upgrade the referee system firmware, and flash the latest firmware from RoboRTS-Firmware to the A-type STM32 boards of the chassis and the gimbal. After downloading the latest RoboRTS ROS package, you can use it normally. Do not forget that the referee system student port (3pin uart) needs to be connected to the chassis A-type STM32 board (4pin uart).

【 April 23, 2019 updated】

17. Updated ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge Rules Manual V1.1

English Edition: ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge Rules Manual V1.1

Chinese Edition : ICRA 2019 RoboMaster 人工智能挑战赛规则手册 V1.1

18. Updated  ICRA 2019 RoboMaster AI Challenge FAQs (as of 2019.03.15)

【 May 9, 2019 updated】

19.Please dowanload the RoboMaster Tool 2 to upgrade the referee system firmware, download the RoboMaster Server 2019 to do practice. 


20.Download the lastest ROS code.


21.Download the lastest STM32 code and firmware.