• Team Building

    RoboMaster is a robotic competition that integrates robotic technologies and entertainment elements. Teams need to recruit members with different backgrounds in areas such as mechanical, electronic, control and automation, software, and computer engineering to build up R&D ability.

  • Registration

    A team shall fill in their complete information in the official RoboMaster registration system. Participating members shall be full-time PhD and graduate students as well as full-time undergraduates registered before August 2018. Participating colleges and universities shall be internationally recoganized colleges and universities. In principle, a college or university has only one participating team eligible for the competition.

  • Joint Team

    Two or more universities without a separate participating team can jointly set up a joint team. Before setting up a joint team, the relevant parties must fully communicate with each other and plan team building based on the actual situation. After the establishment, the joint team shall not be divided and shall participate in the competition only as a single joint. If the joint team is divided, it is deemed to have quit the competition. Operating and R&D costs and personnel assignments arising from the joint team as well as other disputes possibly arising therefrom shall be resolved by the relevant parties of the joint team, and RoboMaster Organization Committee shall assume no responsibility. The "name of the college/university of the participating team" in a joint team name must be abbreviated, for example, UA&UB. The joint team name shall be started with "Joint Team" instead of "Team".

  • Material Purchase

    In order to reduce participating teams' costs for the competition and enable participating teams to smoothly take part in the competition, RoboMaster Organization Committee will provide all participating teams with cost-effective R&D materials. Each participating team can download the purchase list from the official registration system, fill in information, submit the receipt list to RoboMaster Organization Committee, and remit money based on the contract amount. Then, the participating team will obtain official R&D materials.

  • Progress Report

    Within an R&D period of almost half a year, participating teams shall submit a progress report or a demonstration video within the specified time so as to show the competition preparation progress to RoboMaster Organization Committee and facilitate further material support from RoboMaster Organization Committee.

  • International Regional Competition

    The International Regional Competition will be held in July 2018. At that time, international teams will compete in order to directly enter the final tournament.

  • Wild Card

    The wild card competition in July 2018 takes in top teams that failed in all regional competitions as "wild card teams", giving them change to enter the final tournament by fighting other wild card teams.

  • Final Tournament

    Final Tournament will be held in August 2018 in Shenzhen—China's Silicon Valley, which will be a grand technology pioneer event where the annual strongest teams gather. Global top 32 teams will have final fights for the championship. Which team will win the RoboMaster 2018 Championship? Let's wait and see!