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RoboMaster Technical Challenge

RoboMaster Technical Challenge

2020 Season

Entry Guide


RoboMaster Technical Challenge focuses on academic research in a certain field of robotics. It aims to encourage in-depth mining of technology, excellence, and robots to the extreme.

Rules Overview

  • RoboMaster 2020 will include the classic technical challenges for Standard and Engineer robots, as well as new technical challenges for the Sentry and Dart System. In the Technical Challenge, participants only need one or two robots to complete a challenge, which means they can greatly reduce the cost of research and development, and concentrate their manpower and funding to seek breakthroughs. For young teams, the Technical Challenge is undoubtedly a good choice to show off their skills.
  • Technical Challenge consists of four major challenges: “Dart Targeting,” “Engineer Projectile Obtaining,” “Standard Racing and Smart Firing,” and “2V2 Confrontation”.
  • Dart is a new robot for the RM2020 competition. In “Dart Targeting,” launching a dart to hit Base, the number of strikes and the strike time will all affect the score.
  • "Engineer", short for Engineer robot, goes towards the Resource Island to obtain projectile containers in the "Engineer Projectile Obtaining" challenge. The number of projectiles obtained and the speed of obtaining will affect the final scores.
  • "Standard", short for Standard robot, can launch 17mm projectiles to activate the Power Rune to obtain combat buffs. In the "Standard Racing and Smart Firing" challenge, Standard is able to rush through complex terrain of the Battlefield and activate the Power Rune.
  • The “2V2 Confrontation” is an entirely new challenge in the RM2020 Technical Challenge and it involves a tactical confrontation by Standard and Sentry on the Battlefield. The robots are operated to shoot projectiles and attack the enemy robots and Base. When the competition is finished, the side with the largest Remaining HP at the Base wins the competition.

RoboMaster 2020 Technical Challenge Rules Manual


  • Registration:October 15, 2019 – November 15, 2019

  • Chinese Regional Competitions:to be confirmed

  • Final Tournament:to be confirmed

Remarks: Teams from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas participate in the corresponding schedule directly in the Final Tournament. The specific venues for each regional will be released at a later date.Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, the competition schedule is to be determined. Teams that give up this season's offline competitions can participate in the online award selection. Please pay attention to subsequent announcements.

The RoboMaster Technical Challenge is open to international universities. As long as you love robots and hope to show your talent and wisdom on the RoboMaster Robotics Competition, you can apply for registration!

Starting a team

Participating students should be from universities, studying in mechanical, electronic, control, software, computer, public relations and other related fields. Interested students should form a research and development team. The participating universities must be full-time junior, undergraduate, and postgraduate universities. Participants must be junior college students, undergraduates, postgraduates, or doctoral students enrolled before August 2020.
Number of people per team: Five minimum
Note: In principle, only one team in the same school is eligible to participate. Two to five schools that do not have separate teams can form an intercollegiate team.

Register for the competition

Complete the registration of the personal information and team information on the RoboMaster website from 12:00(Beijing time) October 15, 2019 to 12:00(Beijing time)November 15, 2019. You can choose to create a new team or join an existing one.

Get support

Materials discount support: The participating teams can purchase the materials required for the competition at the education discount price, and can be exempted from the shipping and customs duties.For the details see:<RoboMaster 2020 Instructions for Purchasing Materials>.
Materials gift support: A team that satisfies the conditions can receive a gift of four M3508 motors; for the details, see: Description of the Materials Gifted for RoboMaster 2020. For the details see:<RoboMaster 2020 Gift Materials Manual>.
Participation support: The Organizing Committee will provide overall support including team project management, commercial affairs, promotion and technology research and development; for the details see: Strategy for Participating in the RoboMaster Competition.
Travel support: Transportation reception and accommodations are provided during the Final Tournament.

Technical assessment

In the research and development cycle, the participating teams must pass the technical assessment by submitting videos, pictures, documents, etc. at the specified time, and show the progress of the preparation to the organizing committee.
The organizing committee will review whether the qualification of the team is qualified according to the completion degree of robot development embodied in each technical assessment node. At the same time, the team that passes the technical assessment nodes on time will receive further material support from the organizing committee.

Obtain qualification

The performed well teams in the technical assessment will be eligible for the Chinese Regional Competitions or the International Regional Competition.

Q1:How do I obtain the official information issued by the Organizing Committee?

A1: The Organizing Committee will update the important information on the RoboMaster official website and official forum. After you have successfully registered, the Organizing Committee will contact you and synchronize the important information through the official channel.

Q2: Can a team that does not participate in the RoboMaster Robotics Competition sign up for the RoboMaster Technical Challenge?

A2: Yes, the Technical Challenge is oriented towards accepting individual registration from schools of higher education around the world. The participating teams can freely choose to register one or more items in the Technical Challenge.

Q3: Can Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Teams participate in the RoboMaster Technical Challenge?

A3: Yes. Owing to such reasons as scheduling, during the 2020 competition, teams from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Overseas can directly participate in Technical Challenge during the annual Final Tournament. Chinese teams must first compete in the Regional Competition of Technical Challenge to be qualified for the Final Tournament.

Q4: Where are the competition venues?

A4: The competition venues for Technical Challenge are the same as those for the Robotics Competition.The venues for the regional competitions will be announced after subsequent confirmation. The venue for the Final Tournament is located in Shenzhen.

Q5: How much should my team budget for materials and travel expenses?

A5: Materials: Depending on how much funding is actually available, the investment per robot is approximately 10,000 to 20,000 yuan. The investment per robot is approximately 10,000 to 20,000 yuan. For the details see the <RoboMaster 2020 Reference budget table>

Travel: A travel budget is created based on a team’s distance from the competition region.

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