Notice on the Final Robot Assessment of RMUL 2021


Participants: All teams that have passed the RMUL Exam (view the Pass List).

Participation: Participate as a team. Upload the video to the Youtube platform, you can choose to set a viewing password. Submit the video URL and viewing password to the questionnaire:

Submission Time: May 10, 2021, 12:00 p.m. - May 12, 2021, 12:00 p.m.(Beijing time)

Submission Opportunities: Once

Passing Criteria: Teams that meet the minimum requirements for the competition pass.

Assessment Scope: Refer to the Final Robot Assessment requirements in RMUL 2021 Participant Manual and RoboMaster University Series Technical Assessment Criteria to show the plan and progress of each robot category with proof and evidence including video clips, screenshots of the progress plan, screenshots of the drawings, debugging records, etc. The table is for reference only regarding the scores that a robot can receive upon completing the building of certain functions. If a robot is designed with extra functions that are not listed in the table, extra scores will be offered accordingly. Therefore please present as much the progress that you’ve already made as possible.

Video requirements:

1.College name and date and location of recording must be shown at the beginning of the video

2.Every process must include captions or information boards, which must provide clear and accurate explanations for each process shown in the video

3.Ensure only relevant content is shown and the video is tightly edited lasting no longer than three minutes.

4.The video’s resolution must be higher than 720p.

5.Full lineup display.

Privileges for passing the assessment:

1.Obtains permission to borrow the whole set of the Referee System

2.Granted with the competition qualification